Saturday Satire: Kavanaugh Confirmation Cartoons!

Well, the formal process has finally ended. After a topsy-turvy, scandal ridden, show-trial laden, and totally divisive few weeks, Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice. What a ride!

While the process itself is over, the aftermath is just beginning. An important step in the health of a republic is whether or not all sides can support the legitimacy of a democratic decision in spite of the political divisions which bubbled over in the heat of the battle. There have been numerous junctures like this American history, but most of these intense struggles for power have been for elected office. The quest for control over the Supreme Court, which should be an impartial body, is deeply concerning for the sanctity of American legal philosophy, which should be untainted by politics. Whether or not we can all come together and move on after this ordeal will be a test for the future of the American system.

But, just in case this marks the beginning of the end of the American republic, we might as well have some fun cartoons to laugh at as we go to Hell in a hand-basket!

Kavanaugh cartoonKavanaugh Cannon BallRoe v Wade Cartoon KavanaughSedition Cartoon

To all of my dedicated readers:

I am tremendously sorry for the delay in posting this week’s edition of Saturday Satire; however, I wanted to wait to save these celebratory cartoons until we knew Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. In other words, blame the Senate for not holding the vote sooner! Call your Senators to complain and to share with them how much you love The Unvarnished Blog. I appreciate the publicity any where I can get it!

{And if you can’t get in to the Capitol Switchboard, just post this website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever you use to share stuff with the people you somewhat, sort-of care about.}

I cannot thank you enough for your continued support for this unvarnished endeavor I call a blog. You and the truth are the wind beneath my wings!

So Lucky to be Your Friend,

The Unvarnished Blogger 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: Kavanaugh Confirmation Cartoons!

  1. It is refreshing to know that it is not simply the loudest voice that gets heard and justice (no pun intended) can win.

    Unfortunately the process and vote was nothing but partisan.


    1. Kavanaugh is not Bill Cosby. There is a major difference not only in the crimes Kavanaugh has been accused of but also OF THE EVIDENCE BEHIND THE CLAIMS.

      I agree that we could really be doomed as a nation, but I do not agree with your reasoning.

      (Serial Rapist in office is a bad thing…but Bill Clinton was never removed from office…. Double standard?)


  2. The last cartoon is especially telling. Why speak the truth. It is simply about noise and optics. I mean, we should ALL believer the victims even if there is no evidence of victimization. Let’s forget that if you are falsely accused, then you too are a victim. Let’s forget that without due process, then you too are a victim. But we need to believe ALL victims.

    I especially like the handmaid gallery.

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  3. Although the cartoons are amusing, the process was sad. I personally did not undergo the insults and assaults, but the process has left me exhausted.
    Hopefully he will be worthy of the division that was caused.

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  4. Only two pictures of this clown’s swearing in ceremony. No video. Wonder what he is hiding now? Hiding from the press? Loser.


  5. Hopefully he jumps into the mix on the right (meaning correct and Constitutional) side. Hopefully he is a Constitutionalist and does not rule based upon his own bias like several of the others.


  6. I wonder what tomorrow will bring as he starts his first day of actual work on the Supreme Court. I wonder if he will be like Thomas and wear a bullet-proof vest for several years? I know that I would.


    1. Letsgetreal, the impeachment process is not only long and complicated but it is also most likely not going to work unless the House and the Senate are taken by the Democrats in this election. The House requires a simple majority to vote on the articles of impeachment, but the Senate (WHO CONFIRMED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE) needs a 2/3 majority to impeach…. An impeachment process OF ANYONE RIGHT NOW is only going to cause greater division and heartache for an ailing nation. (I would suggest reading the high school civics outline of the impeachment process here:

      More importantly, Kavanaugh should not merit impeachment in the first place ! It has not been PROVEN that he has committed an actual crime, nor has he been in office long enough to have manipulated his powers of office which would warrant impeachment. (See what the Constitution says about offenses worthy of impeachment here:!/articles/2/essays/100/standards-for-impeachment)

      Ultimately, if protesters “storm the Supreme Court” today (or any day), I could easily see the death of America as a nation based on rule of law in the immediate future.


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